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  1. What is the Vision?

        “Meeting humanitarian needs…Differently

…by “bringing biblical principles to governance.”

The world is in crisis. Human institutions are failing. Everyone knows it.

Human suffering, pain and poverty will only be reduced once we follow the biblical principles for governance. Only eternal and transcendent truths will produce peace and prosperity in nations.

  1. What is our Mission?

Making known biblical principles for governance through small group Bible studies or one-on-one meetings with governmental leaders (ambassadors, elected officials, career bureaucrats).

Everyone knows the Bible speaks clearly about (1) personal matters, (2) family matters and (3) church life. However, the Bible also speaks equally clear regarding (4) civil government.

God originally established government and establishes nations today. He knows best how government is to function. Thus, Well Versed ministry is committed to bringing biblical principles for governance to governmental leaders.

  • But what about the relationship between Church and State?

The words “separation of church and state” are not found in the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution. Tragically these words have been twisted to mean the exact opposite of what Thomas Jefferson intended when he penned the “wall of separation” phrase in his famous letter of January 1, 1802. He meant that government should have no authority over religion or religious expression. But he did not state that religion should not influence government.

Furthermore, the biblical model is for the priests (religious leaders) to instruct, or when needed, confront the kings (governmental leaders). As Oklahoma Senator James Lankford noted, “Thirty-six of the thirty-nine books of the Hebrew Scriptures were written by, to, or about a political or governmental leader.”

  • What is the Challenge?

Picture two persons elected to Congress. One is a believer and the other is not. Their personal lives might be different, but their governmental worldviews are likely the same. They make little or no connection between the Bible and the decisions they are making. We desire to help:

  • Believers understand that the Bible has clear principles regarding governmental issues.
  • Unbelievers see biblical principles expressed in sociological and pragmatic ways (minus chapter and verse) so that they will be drawn to the wisdom of Kingdom principles.

The key is “biblical applicationalism,” that is, applying God’s Word to government.

  • What is our four-pronged Strategy?
  1. Personal Development: Creating “micro-congregations” through governmentally-focused Bible studies.
  • Washington, DC – Rick Scarborough
    • Jefferson Gathering – weekly, for Members of Congress, US Capitol
    • Jefferson Gathering – monthly, for Persons in the 15 Departments of the US Government. Thus far we have Bible studies in the State Department, with permission to begin in the Departments of Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development.
  • New York City – United Nations – Phillip Jauregui and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
    • The Fellowship – the United Nations, New York City – a weekly Bible study
    • The Hammarskjold Society – for Ambassadors
    • The Wallenberg Society – (TBA) standing with Israel and the Jewish people
  • Jerusalem – the Knesset, Israeli Parliament – Tsofia Nahon
    • The Schindler Society – study of the Hebrew Scriptures, led by a Jewish Rabbi who is a Member of the Knesset.
  • Future Locations: We are exploring and praying about beginning Bible studies of governmental principles in:
    • The United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
    • The United Nations International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands.
    • The European Union Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France.
  • Mentorship programs for young adults: raising up the next generation with instruction and sponsored events in Washington, DC, New York City, Israel and other nations.
  • Governmental Missions: Consisting of onsite, firsthand, experiential training ranging from tours of nations to help persons know key political leaders and issues…to private meetings with Heads-of-State
  • Governmental Leadership Trips: to increase awareness of the issues
    • Israel – for persons to experience spiritual pilgrimages, sites of the Bible.
    • Governmental Leadership Tours – for people to meet with governmental leaders in DC, UN, the Knesset and European political centers.
    • Church History Tours such as England (John Wesley), Germany (Martin Luther), Czech Republic (John Hus), Switzerland (Ulrich Zwingli), along with Switzerland and France (John Calvin).
  • Heads of State visits: Dr. Garlow is part of a fluid team of 8-12 persons. Thus far:
    • President Abdel Fattah al Sisi in Egypt (arranged by Joel Rosenberg)
    • King Abdulla II in Jordan (Joel)
    • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel – twice (arranged once by Mike Evans and once by Mario Bramnick)
    • President Jimmy Morales in Guatemala (Mario)
    • President Juan Hernandez of Honduras (while in Washington, DC, Mario)
    • President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil (Mario)
    • President Donald Trump (White House Faith Leaders Initiative)
  • Content Creation & Curriculum: To educate on the principles of the Bible, online, Well Versed University
  • “Well Versed U” – Dr. Jim Garlow’s 19 books with videos fall into five categories: (1) Bible, (2) Church History, (3) Personal, Leadership & Ministry Development, (4) The Holy Spirit and the Supernatural and (5) Cultural Transformation.
  • The Garlow Perspective – a one-minute commentary aired daily on 825 radio outlets
  • Who leads the Well Versed Team?
  • Jim Garlow, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Rosemary Garlow, Co-Founder & Co-Director, Young Adult Mentoring
  • Sara Miller, Executive Director, and
  • An amazing Well Versed team