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Dr. Jim Garlow addresses how the Well Versed Ministry to the United Nations was started by he and his wife Rosemary Schindler Garlow.

In making several journeys to New York and the UN, God began to show the Garlow’s how to structure their ministry. Then other people began to join the team such as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and attorney Phillip Jauregui.

Attorney Jauregui leads weekly bible studies. Garlow and others on the Well Versed team meet privately with Ambassadors to the United Nations from around the world. They have met with close to 100 Ambassadors in their offices to talk to them about bringing forth Biblical principles of governance.

We invite and encourage you to join us in New York City, Washington DC or on a trip to Jerusalem.

For more information on our mission visit us at www.WellVersedWorld.org, email info@wellversedworld.org or call 855-777-9355.

Jim Garlow – Hi my name is Jim Garlow and I’m with a ministry called Well Versed. I’m standing in front of the United Nations here in New York City. I wasn’t quite sure how to begin this ministry a few years ago. My wife and I made five trips up here to learn how to do the ministry. How would we structure it what would we do. And God began to show us what to do.

Then, Michele Bachmann, congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined the team and she moved here and became a part of this and she’s still part of the ministry. And then Phillip Jauregui, he’s part of it here is a young attorney, who comes here and he leads in weekly Bible studies in the building behind. It’s called the Secretariat, the UN building right behind me.

So weekly Bible studies take place and then in addition to that we have the privilege of meeting privately one-on-one with Ambassadors, they’re called missions or embassies but they’re called missions here, the 193 missions around this building that are part of the United Nations – 193 member nations.

We have now met with well, we were approaching the number of a hundred, of the ambassadors to the United Nations that we’ve met with privately one-on-one in their office. This is a tremendous privilege for us to encourage them. What we attempt to do always is to bring biblical principles of governance. That’s our goal and that’s our purpose and that’s our mission.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting it and we’d like to invite you, you come up and visit us here at United Nations in New York City or our ministry in Washington DC or go with us to Jerusalem and see what’s happening there as well. Thank you so much.