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Rosemary Schindler Garlow, Co-Founder of Well Versed International Ministry discusses the origins of the United Nations and how Well Versed works with the UN

The United Nations was formed in 1945 by 51 nations for the purpose of securing international peace. The UN was founded at the end of the Holocaust and WWII. Many prayers were answered when WWII ended. We invite you to partner with us continue to bring prayers into the United Nations for their benefit, security, and prosperity to accomplish all the UN’s goals with God’s blessing.

If you would like to join Well Versed as partners in prayer and intercession for the Nations of the World visit us at https://www.wellversedworld.org/. You can also email at info@wellversedworld.org or call 855-777-9355.

Rosemary Schindler Garlow – Hi I’m Rosemary Schindler Garlow and I’m here at the United Nations in New York City. I’m co-founder of Well Versed, an international ministry designed to bring principles of governance to government leaders.

The United Nations was founded in 1945 by 51 nations whose purpose was to secure international peace. It was right at the end of the Holocaust and World War II and the nation said never again to another genocide.

We know that multitudes of prayers were answered at this time for an end to the destruction and murder of six million precious people and 60 million who died in the war.

And it’s through prayers and intercession that we invite you to partner with us to continue to bring prayers into the nations for their benefit, for their prosperity, for their security, for all the goals that the United Nations has that really cannot be accomplished without God’s blessing.

Please join us as partners in prayer partners in intercession. See what you can do to enlist your time to petition heaven for the nation’s. For the nations are his inheritance and our purpose is to guide them in that direction for blessing for peace for security for all the goals of the United Nations. Thank you for being with us