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Many who are attacking the President, clamoring for impeachment, might want to consider what the biblical principles – what God thoughts – are regarding the concept of impeachment. So many of these biblical principles are being violated. It is well to pause and see what Scripture says.

He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous
are both alike an abomination to the LORD”
(Proverbs 17:15)

What differentiates the United States from most other countries? A fundamental belief in, and adherence to, justice and the rule of law!

This bedrock principle of our constitutional republic is a direct result of the application of biblical principles[1] given to us by the perfect Lawgiver and Judge of the universe[2]. At its core is the absolute requirement for clear and factual evidence[3], unbiased testimony[4], an impartial judge[5], and an opportunity to cross examine witnesses and inspect evidence[6]. Also, any “Star Chamber” types of proceedings that have no direct public accountability are justifiably assumed to harbor ungodly intentions and are to be condemned[7], as should any hasty “rush to judgments”[8].

If any of the above due process conditions are ignored[9], then clearly the purpose is to corrupt justice and the proceedings should be resisted by all legal and moral authority available[10].

This resistance can include: public admonishment and condemnation[11], persistent legal appeal for relief[12], exposing slander and libel[13], as well as public confrontation and even shunning[14].

Everything is to be done in order because we serve a God of order[15], and the pursuit of justice is no exception!

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