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We provide worship and/or Bible studies on biblical principles of governance to leaders, gathering them into “micro-congregations” in:

Washington, D.C.

  • Members of Congress
  • Persons who work at the U.S. State Department
  • (With your help, we will begin ministry in the Supreme Court)

United Nations, New York City

  • Persons who work at the United Nations
  • Ambassadors at the United Nations

In the Knesset – the Israeli Parliament – in Jerusalem, Israel, we co-sponsor a Torah (Hebrew Scriptures) study with Jews and Christians studying the Bible together, led by Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a former Member of the Knesset, in addition to Rabbi Tuly Weiz of Israel 365.

There are 193 Member Nations in the United Nations, in New York City, each with its own Ambassador. We meet privately, one-on-one, in their offices, with these Ambassadors.
Then we gather in small Well Versed groups to encourage, pray, and share biblical principles.
In 18 months, we met privately with

93 OF THE 193 United Nations AMBASSADORS

With your help, we would like to bring biblical principles of governance to the:
  • United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
  • International Court of Justice, The Hauge, Netherlands
  • European Union, Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France

This www.WellVersedWorld.org website gives you an overview of what we do. But a new website is COMING SOON. www.WellVersedU.org will have our compelling teaching content – the biblical principles of governance. Watch for this exciting addition to the Well Versed lineup.