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Patio Chat 20, Covid: “God is Our Protector: He ALONE Can Save You” – 6:12

• GOD: He alone is our protector. I affirm medicine, doctors, nurses and hospitals. But medicine can’t save you now. There is no known cure for this – not yet. Medical doctors and nurses can’t save you. There aren’t enough of them, and they can only do so much in a pandemic, and many of them are getting ill themselves. Hospitals can’t save you. In the US, there are 945,000 hospital beds of which only 100,000 are ICU beds. If only 1% of the population of the US needed hospitalization, that would be well over 3 million people. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem using medicine, doctors, nurses and hospitals. In fact, they have been and they will be used by God in this crisis. But let’s cut to the chase: Only God can save you now. This is a splendid opportunity to run to Him. Now. This is the moment to reach out to your heavenly Father. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Invite Jesus to become the epicenter of your life. Ask Him to become your Savior, that is, to save you from the eternal consequences of your sins. Ask Him to become the Lord – in charge – of your life. This is your hope. Once assured that your sins have been forgiven by Jesus’ death on the cross, you can walk confidently forward, knowing that regardless of what comes in the future – life or illness, or even death (as it will for all of us eventually) – we can walk in bold confidence that God will see us through this.