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There are Two Headquarters of the European Union

I know this sounds very strange to Americans, but there are two headquarters, with an unbelievable schedule. The 751 Members of the EU Parliament meet in Brussels, Belgium three weeks of the month for committee meetings. However during the fourth week, for four days each month, the 751 Members of the EU Parliament (along with perhaps a thousand staff) have to go from Brussels, south to Strasbourg (a 5 hour drive by car), to conduct any vote. They cannot take a formal vote in Brussels, Belgium. Only in Strasbourg, France. This is legally required by EU rules.  As you would expect, it is very costly, but that is how EU business is conducted.

Reminder, this is a not a photo gallery but a prayer page. We have some very specific items for you to pray:

  1. For encouragement for all the wonderful believers in Europe in general, but specifically those who are work at the European Union headquartes.
  2. For the leaders at the European Union to become “well versed” in the biblical principles of governance which in turn reduces human pain, suffering and poverty.
  3. For Well Versed ministry to be able someday to launch a Bible study on the biblical principles of governance in the European Union headquarters.

With that in mind, pray your way through the pictures below.

Our first visit to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium was during Christmas time. Camille Troc (pictured) graciously served as the hostess to Dr. and Mrs. Garlow as they traveled several European countries.

Author Jeff Fountain – who we just met here in Brussels Belgium- will challenge your views about the origin of the European Union – and you will discover that the founder’s intent was distinctly Christian – rooted in forgiveness, healing and restoration – based on Robert Schuman’s original vision.

To all in the USA: Don’t picture Europe as “hopeless and gone.” God is alive and well in Europe, even at the European Union. Do not give up on this continent. Speak blessings on Europe, not curses. The Holy Spirit is on the move. There are many believers in Europe. Many  encouraging things in Brussels Belgium at the European Union.

Wonderful time – both listening & speaking with special friends in the European Union Headquarters- Brussels.

There are many remarkable leaders – like this man – at the European Union.