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European Church History Tour

We do not have a European Church History Tour currently scheduled. Dr. Jim Garlow, who has a Ph.D. in church history and historical theology, has a passion for this type of trip. He wants you to “know and meet” the figures of church history, whether it is Augustine, Catherine of Sienna, St. Francis, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley or George Whitefield.

Dr. Garlow has led Wesley tours of England, as well as tours covering the lives of John Huss (the Czech Republic), Martin Luther (Germany), John Calvin (France and Switzerland), and Ulrich Zwingli (Switzerland).

History of Christianity Video

Also, for a compelling and encouraging one hour walk through 2,000 years of church history, watch Dr Garlow’s 1993 (oh my, the hairstyles back then!) talk at Jack Hayford’s Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. Warning: The first 10 minutes is laughter and hilarity. After you get past the laughs, then you can watch the entire history of Christianity compressed into one hour – painless and even entertaining, but most of all convicting.

The Story of God and His People

You might be interested in Dr. Garlow’s book The Story of God and His People, which is a painless, easy-to-understand walk through the history of Christianity.