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URGENT: Critical Supreme Court Case on January 7th – In Only Eight Days!

Dr Jim Garlow            December 31, 2021

Why You Should Care About Ukraine

Dr Jim Garlow            December 21, 2021

The Stunning Struggle of the Jewish People for Land.

Dr Jim Garlow            October 13, 2021

Our Eternal Covenant | Goodness Speaks

Rosemary Schindler Garlow            August 4, 2021

Biblical Governance | Goodness Speaks

Dr Jim Garlow            August 4, 2021

The Biblical Foundation of Marriage

Dr Jim Garlow            January 30, 2021

Belinda Campbell’s Prayer for Our Nation

Dr Jim Garlow            January 20, 2021

Pastors Say Christians and the Church Can Thrive in Times of Uncertainty | CBN News

Dr Jim Garlow            January 9, 2021

Well Versed – Jim Garlow Interviews George Barna

Dr Jim Garlow            December 14, 2020

Dr. Ralph Reed – United Nations Zoom Call 12.7.20

Dr Jim Garlow            December 5, 2020

Will the Supreme Court Decide the Presidential Election?

Dr Jim Garlow            November 26, 2020

Disciple of All Nations

Dr Jim Garlow            January 11, 2020

Biblical Principles to Consider with Impeachment

Dr Jim Garlow            October 12, 2019
jim garlow un well versed

Introducing the Well Versed Ministry at the United Nations

Dr Jim Garlow            September 23, 2019
Phillip Jauregui UN Well Versed

Will You Help Well Versed At the United Nations?

Phillip Jauregui            September 18, 2019
rosemary garlow un well versed

God’s Blessings on Nations, Prayer and the UN

Author Profile            September 13, 2019

The Seven Questions

Dr Jim Garlow            July 29, 2019

Jim Garlow Transitioning From Local Church Pastor to Leading Governmental Ministries

Tiffany Lian            November 3, 2018