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Patio Chat 12, Covid: “Caring for Elderly; Connecting with Neighbors” – 4:53

• ELDERLY: Many elderly persons have family members checking in on them. But so many do not. Locate the elderly near you and make sure that someone is checking in on them.

• NEIGHBORS: To the extent you can, make certain all the persons on your block or in your apartment or your condo complex have each other’s emails and cell phone numbers. If possible, set up a text string or a WhatApp group with all of your cell numbers so you can be in communication often. This vastly reduces the sense of isolation.

• FAMILIES: The greatest benefit to this horrific time – and yes, there are benefits to the forced shutdown – are times for families to be together. When “9-11” happened, our youngest two children asked if they could pull mattresses into our bedroom and sleep on the floor in the same room with my wife and me. That type of “clingy-ness” is good. It is not bad. Most parents need more time with their children, and most children need more time with their parents. Well, now you have it.

• CHILDREN: With younger children in the home, long times without creative outlet can be profoundly frustrating. Think creatively. Share ideas with each other on how to use all this extra time in fulfilling, productive and even entertaining ways. Remember, parents, decades from now, your children will tell their children about how creative their parents were during the Coronavirus crisis of 2020.