Interviewing a Good Ol' New Mexico Preacher-Cowboy... and an East Coast Feminist

Cuoy Griffin rode his horse from San Francisco to the East Coast, then across Europe, and to Israel. He is a New Mexico preacher-cowboy who passionately loves Jesus. And he really loves his country too. But according to some, he is an (wait for this one) "insurrectionist." Really? Of course not. But that is what he was accused of. So, two people, who do not even live in his county where he was elected as county commissioner in New Mexico, filed a lawsuit to remove him from office. And what did the judge do? Yep, he removed him from office, the first one in 150 years to have such the law used like this.
You will want to watch this interview and see Cuoy’s winning smile.

Oh, but there is more. After we talk to Cuoy, we interview Elaine Lafferty who was a flaming liberal feminist, the former editor of Ms. Magazine, and strong supporter of Hillary Clinton’s policies. But then she encountered Christ. That changed everything. Listen as she observes – as a former leftist herself – the extreme censorship happening in our culture.

I admit that a Western cowboy and an East Coast (former) feminist might have little in common. But when Jesus enters the human heart, they have so much in common. WATCH BELOW.

Surviving Cancel Culture & Censorship

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