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Dr Jim Garlow

Dr. Jim Garlow is the Founder and CEO of Well Versed, a ministry to Members of Congress, Ambassadors at the United Nations in New York City, and other elected officials, bringing Biblical principles of governance to government leaders. He served on President Trump’s Faith Advisory team for four years, and has met in small delegations with 10 presidents and prime ministers (and one king) from around the world.

Garlow is an author, communicator, commentator, historian, cultural observer and has served most of his adult life as a pastor. Garlow is heard daily on nearly 800 radio outlets nationwide in his one-minute commentary called “The Garlow Perspective,” and has appeared on numerous national TV shows on NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC and Comedy Central.

Garlow has done over 1,600 radio, TV and print interviews – national and local – covering a wide range of topics: historical, theological, political, religious liberty, marriage and family issues and cultural trends. He co-hosts the World Prayer Network every Wednesday and Sunday night, interviewing top newsmakers and government officials, followed by extensive prayer.

He graduated from Drew University (Ph.D. in historical theology), Princeton Theological Seminary (Master of Theology), Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity), Southern Nazarene University (B.A. & M.A.), and Oklahoma Wesleyan University (A.A.).

Garlow has written 21 books, one which hit the New York Times Bestseller list. His most recent books are:

  • Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues;
  • This Precarious Moment: Six Urgent Steps That Will Save You, Your Family And Our Country;
  • and his newest book: God Will See You Through This: 26 Lessons I Learned from the Father Through the Joys and Hurts of Everyday Life, all three released by Regnery Publishers of Washington, DC.

His books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

In 2013, Jim became a widower. He married Rosemary Schindler in 2014. Together, Jim and Rosemary have eight children, eight grandsons and two granddaughters.

Posts By Dr Jim Garlow


Seven Months Later: What We Learned From Trudeau

Dr Jim Garlow            September 15, 2022

My High School (SPU-bound) Blind Date… and SPU Now.

Dr Jim Garlow            September 13, 2022

“Now, Don’t You Go Get Involved In Politics!”

Dr Jim Garlow            September 12, 2022

Taxes and Their Impact

Dr Jim Garlow            September 8, 2022

Want To Know How To Change Minds and Know Truth? Here’s How…

Dr Jim Garlow            September 7, 2022

Ohio State Legislators Meet the Canadian Pastors They Are Defending…

Dr Jim Garlow            September 2, 2022

Why Did An Archbishop Ban Nancy Pelosi From Catholic Communion?

Dr Jim Garlow            August 31, 2022

The Worst, Most Self-Destructive Idea For An Investment.

Dr Jim Garlow            August 30, 2022

Is A Food Shortage Really Coming to America?

Dr Jim Garlow            August 29, 2022

Our Whole World Has Been Rocked By the Mar-A-Lago Raid. Everything Is Different.

Dr Jim Garlow            August 25, 2022

The First Time I Heard the Phrase “2000 Mules,” …

Dr Jim Garlow            August 24, 2022

Are You Tired Of Hearing About Voter Fraud? You Will Like This Guy!

Dr Jim Garlow            August 23, 2022

Here Is What Don Feder Says Is THE GREATEST THREAT To Humanity

Dr Jim Garlow            August 22, 2022

You CAN Make A Difference: Thinking Biblically In the Voting Booth

Dr Jim Garlow            August 20, 2022

Migrant Caravans | Russia, China & Iran

Dr Jim Garlow            August 19, 2022

A Sense Of Urgency… DIS-Respecting Marriage

Dr Jim Garlow            August 17, 2022

Are honest elections a spiritual, Biblical issue?

Dr Jim Garlow            August 7, 2022

We Have Been Asked “Who is Alma?”

Dr Jim Garlow            July 27, 2022

Mayor Says That Homelessness CAN Be Solved. And He Is Right.

Dr Jim Garlow            June 21, 2022

A First-Hand, Encouraging Report of What Is SPIRITUALLY Happening In Ukraine.

Dr Jim Garlow            June 12, 2022

The Pain of Uvalde, Texas – Up Close and Personal. Hard To Take.

Dr Jim Garlow            June 11, 2022

Want Some GOOD News? Leo Hohmann Has It For Us!

Dr Jim Garlow            June 10, 2022

Ohio State Legislators to Meet Canadian Pastors They Are Defending

Dr Jim Garlow            June 7, 2022

Try to Help Stop the Loss of U.S. Sovereignty!

Dr Jim Garlow            May 14, 2022

The “Crime” of Quoting Scripture!

Dr Jim Garlow            May 11, 2022

Mike Pompeo – Top of His Class At West Point, and Everything Else

Dr Jim Garlow            May 10, 2022

No, God Did Not Take A Rib From Adam – A Unique Look At Mother’s Day

Dr Jim Garlow            May 8, 2022

Surrendering America’s Sovereignty on May 22nd? Is This For Real?

Dr Jim Garlow            May 6, 2022

He Had So Much Content, I Asked Kevin For His Outline… For You.

Dr Jim Garlow            April 28, 2022

By Federal Law, Parents Have Rights to Know

Dr Jim Garlow            April 28, 2022

For Biblical Prophecy, Keep Your Eyes On Russia and Iran

Dr Jim Garlow            April 27, 2022

9 Years Ago Today… My Greatest Pain…

Dr Jim Garlow            April 21, 2022

Why Is There Such An Attack On This ONE Thing?

Dr Jim Garlow            April 20, 2022

A 26-Minute, Anti-God, Globalistic Tragedy

Dr Jim Garlow            April 19, 2022

50 Things You Can Do To Prepare

Dr Jim Garlow            April 19, 2022

Internationally-Recognized Scientist Defends Biblical Account of Resurrection

Dr Jim Garlow            April 19, 2022

Have You EVER Heard of a Conference Event Like THIS?

Dr Jim Garlow            April 15, 2022

“How Does My Gay Marriage Affect Your Straight Marriage?”

Dr Jim Garlow            April 13, 2022

The *Most Chilling* Interview I Have Ever Done.

Dr Jim Garlow            April 5, 2022

My Bizarre Conversations Regarding Ukraine

Dr Jim Garlow            March 21, 2022

What If YOUR Bank Accounts Are Frozen?

Dr Jim Garlow            March 19, 2022

TWO-PART NEWSLETTER: The Pain of Ukraine; and Becoming More Articulate…

Dr Jim Garlow            March 16, 2022

I Am NOT Political. And, Likely, You Aren’t Either.

Dr Jim Garlow            March 16, 2022

Pastor Artur Pawlowski… in Solitary Confinement

Dr Jim Garlow            March 13, 2022

A Glimpse Inside Ukraine… and How You Can Help

Dr Jim Garlow            March 8, 2022

A Prominent Nanotechnology Scientist…and His Devoted and Passionate Life

Dr Jim Garlow            March 5, 2022

She Is Dying In Prison. I Need Your Help.

Dr Jim Garlow            February 22, 2022

The Glorious Moment: Canadian Truckers Sing Martin Luther’s Most Famous Hymn – Part 3

Dr Jim Garlow            February 20, 2022

When God Couldn’t Find Enough Bold Pastors, He Called the Truckers, Part 2

Dr Jim Garlow            February 19, 2022

When God Couldn’t Find Enough Bold Pastors, He Called the Truckers, Part 1

Dr Jim Garlow            February 19, 2022

The Most Incredible 7 Minutes…

Dr Jim Garlow            February 18, 2022

There Was To Be No Newsletter Today…Until This Happened

Dr Jim Garlow            February 16, 2022

The SPIRITUAL Understanding of the Canadian Trucker Protest – from godly leaders on-site.

Dr Jim Garlow            February 16, 2022

When God Couldn’t Find Enough Bold Pastors, He Called the Truckers.

Dr Jim Garlow            February 11, 2022

Tucker Is Wrong On One Thing

Dr Jim Garlow            February 9, 2022

The Painful and Tragic Debacle and Demise of Public Schools

Dr Jim Garlow            February 1, 2022

How to Sound a Shofar, Taught By the Best!

Dr Jim Garlow            February 1, 2022

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: A Unique Look Back

Dr Jim Garlow            January 27, 2022

How To Survive the Cancel Culture

Dr Jim Garlow            January 24, 2022


Dr Jim Garlow            January 23, 2022

Ellie Cohanim Helps Us Understand Iran

Dr Jim Garlow            January 12, 2022

On Steve Bannon’s “War Room” & Shofar Training January 15, 2022

Dr Jim Garlow            January 8, 2022

Jason Mattera – “Ambush” Interviewer

Dr Jim Garlow            January 5, 2022

URGENT: Critical Supreme Court Case on January 7th – In Only Eight Days!

Dr Jim Garlow            December 31, 2021

It’s Christmas, and Migdal Eder is THE Key.

Dr Jim Garlow            December 24, 2021

Why You Should Care About Ukraine

Dr Jim Garlow            December 21, 2021

What Happened Today In 1948

Dr Jim Garlow            December 10, 2021

What’s Going On With Dobbs v. Jackson?

Dr Jim Garlow            December 4, 2021

Anne Graham Lotz and Her Two Daughters: A Thanksgiving Message for You!

Dr Jim Garlow            November 27, 2021

Sebastian Gorka’s “Sunday Morning Sermon”

Dr Jim Garlow            November 18, 2021

Too Early for Christmas? No. Too late, actually.

Dr Jim Garlow            November 17, 2021

Vaccine mandates – stopped by the courts?

Dr Jim Garlow            November 2, 2021

Communism’s Inroads Into America

Dr Jim Garlow            November 1, 2021

Virginia: Rescue us from those who would destroy parental authority!

Dr Jim Garlow            October 31, 2021

What Legitimate Righteous Anger Looks Like

Dr Jim Garlow            October 25, 2021

Encouraging – The Righteous Resistance

Dr Jim Garlow            October 21, 2021

The Story of Oskar Schindler

Dr Jim Garlow            October 15, 2021

The Stunning Struggle of the Jewish People for Land.

Dr Jim Garlow            October 13, 2021

A Sane Voice in the Midst of Disinformation

Dr Jim Garlow            October 11, 2021

Two Choices: Put Your Head In the Sand, or Know the Truth. The Truth is… Hard

Dr Jim Garlow            October 5, 2021

You Never Thought of “Pro-Life” Like This: Pro-ABUNDANT-Life!

Dr Jim Garlow            September 17, 2021

These reports of reports of a Biblically-grounded government will encourage you.

Dr Jim Garlow            September 10, 2021

Congresswoman Bachmann’s Warning

Dr Jim Garlow            September 9, 2021

The Biblical View Regarding the Environment. (Do Christians Care?)

Dr Jim Garlow            September 4, 2021

The man who warned us about 9/11 has another warning for America.

Dr Jim Garlow            September 2, 2021

They are bulldozing down fabulous vineyards.

Dr Jim Garlow            August 26, 2021

You Can Know Your COVID-19 Immune Status

Dr Jim Garlow            August 25, 2021

Afghanistan: What went wrong; What is happening NOW.

Dr Jim Garlow            August 21, 2021

The Biblical-Theological Foundations re: The Vaccine

Dr Jim Garlow            August 13, 2021

Do you have legal rights re: the shot.

Dr Jim Garlow            August 13, 2021

How July 2, 1954 changed EVERYTHING

Dr Jim Garlow            August 7, 2021

Biblical Governance | Goodness Speaks

Dr Jim Garlow            August 4, 2021

Have you seen the Scriptural Foundation re: Vaccines and Masks?

Dr Jim Garlow            August 4, 2021

What if you don’t want the shot?

Dr Jim Garlow            August 2, 2021

It was REALLY hard to listen to. It will bother you too.

Dr Jim Garlow            July 19, 2021

Three Significant Events – and their Costs

Dr Jim Garlow            July 13, 2021

What happened to my church?

Dr Jim Garlow            June 9, 2021

Understanding Israel’s War, Part 7 of 7

Dr Jim Garlow            May 17, 2021

Understanding Israel’s War, Part 6 of 7

Dr Jim Garlow            May 16, 2021

Understanding Israel’s War, Part 5 of 7

Dr Jim Garlow            May 16, 2021