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Chris Shields

Washington D.C. & UN Ministries Assistant, Volunteer

Christopher Shields is a graduate of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. Chris lived in both New York City and Washington, DC. While in New York, he ministered to persons in the United Nations daily.When one is in an Embassy (or a “Mission” as they are called at the United Nations), one is in that country’s sovereign territory. If you go to the Mission of Uganda in New York City, you are not in America anymore. You are in Uganda. In one month’s time, Chris was in 70 Missions, which is to say, he was in 70 nations in one month without getting in a car, boat or airplane. He ran from Mission to Mission, making contact, building relationships, from 17th Street south to as far north as 117th Street.

Also, Chris lived in Washington, DC, and was in the office of every single one of the 535 members of Congress, not one, but multiple times. He worked with Bible Studies for Members of Congress, and he taught Well Versed Bible studies for Congressional staffers. Chris currently lives in Dallas, but is still an active volunteer, playing an integral role at Well Versed.
A purist to the word, Chris is known for his ability to communicate the gospel in his own unique style using versatility, humor, and vignettes that reaches all ages with the message that the gospel is relevant today.
Chris loves coffee and coffee shop conversations. He has never met a stranger. Playing basketball, watching movies, reading, particularly the Bible and related literature, rank among Chris’s favorite past time. He is currently writing a book.
Chris has devoted his life to the motto:” Hope and love will save the world”; without these, we cannot move forward as individuals, churches, or nations. Chris’s passion is devoting his life to encouraging his generation to fall in love with the Word and Teachings of our Lord