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Camille Troc

Jerusalem Assistant, Volunteer

Camille Troc serves as the Jerusalem Assistant for Well Versed, handling details for the organization. She has previously assisted the Garlows in France, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as being with them in Washington DC and at the United Nations in New York City.

Originally from Mauritius Island, Camille moved to France and studied at the University of Strasbourg. She holds a bachelor’s degree in American and British studies, with a minor in modern Hebrew and Spanish.

At a time when Camille became very interested in the Middle East, diplomacy and international relations, she was given the opportunity to pursue her studies in Israel. She started her master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, from which she recently graduated. Camille is also passionate about languages, discovering new cultures and countries, and connecting people. Her desire is to be a bridge between Israel and the nations.

Favorite book: The Ambassador by Yehuda Avner

Favorite food: Coconut fish curry

Hobby: Outdoor sports