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Patio Chat 8, Covid: “All the Idols are Coming Down” – 3:03

• IDOLS: Sports is good, but obsession with it is not. Sports – along with many other things – has become an idol. Hollywood is all about idols. Business can become an idol. Alcohol is an idol for many. Obsession with pleasure has become an idol. The nation’s finest universities – and the education one receives there – have become idols. Possessing “things” is an idol for many, but these “things” can’t save you now. Even pride in our mega-church worship services can become an idol if we are not careful. (I like the bands, smoke machines and the lights, but beware, as this can become an idol.) Name the idol. It has come crashing down. No one could have imagined that the world’s greatest stadiums, arenas and concert halls would become empty. No one could have guessed that the world’s largest church buildings would be empty on a Sunday. No one could have imagined that Broadway shows would close and theatres would be empty. No one could foresee that the bars and filthy porn shops would be empty. No one could have dreamed that the abortuaries – the killing centers – could be closed. No one could have predicted that the nation’s schools – with classes from preschool to Ph.D. programs – would close. No one would have believed that graduations, weddings and even funeral services would be canceled or postponed. No one could have guessed that the casinos in Las Vegas could be empty. No one would have ever imagined that the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, and the United Nations Building in New York City would shut down their tours. No one knew that the streets of the world’s largest cities would be empty. No one has ever seen the nation’s freeways virtually empty. No one knew that cruise ships and airplanes would sit idle, with no one in them. But they were shut down. All of them. Almost overnight! What is God doing? He has brought down the idols. I am not saying this to point fingers. I am asking myself the same exact thing you should be asking yourself: “What are my ‘idols’ that need to go?” God is bringing them down. All of them.